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5.30 A.M.       Your Wake Up call of the Wild.

6.15 A.M.      You set off on a Jungle Safari on the Trail of Elephants, Bisons, Rhinoceros, Deer. The colourful canvas of tall trees and                         multitude of Orchids-Your Palate is Pickled by the taste of the unknown.

9.00 A.M.       Breakfast

10.00 A.M.     Tour as per your own wish for that ultimate Bonhomie with Nature.

1.00 P.M.       Thematic Tongue Teasing Lunch.

2.00 P.M.        Enjoy Fishing with the touch of Nature.

4.00 P.M.       The river ride the Lovely and Lively dalliance with water.

6.00 P.M.        Evening Tea with Tribal dance the delight of dark and Moonlit night overlooking the Silvery River.

8.00 P.M.       Your taste buds would be amazed by the Resort's Cuisine Served with quality food.

10.00 P.M.      Time to say goodnight and Catch upon some well deserved rest. Prepare for another scintillating Tomorrow. 

PLACE TO VISIT: Gorumara Forest,Chapramari Forest,Lataguri, Samsing,Suntaleykhola,Rocky Island,Jhalong,Bindu,Jaldapara,Coochbihar Rajbari and more interesting place .

 If you wish for more beautiful scenic areas we arrange for trip to mesmerising lava-lolegaon-rishop. jhandi, kolakham,delo,Ramdhura
We also arrange Bhutan Tour as per guest request and requirement with comfortable rate